Paul J. Farrell is a writer and director.  A childhood spent pillaging the local Apollo video store formed the foundation for a fascination.

Having achieved a successful writing debut with the BAFTA screened sitcom pilot, ‘Jobseekers’, (currently in development with a UK TOP 100 production company)

Paul would soon go on to write and direct a sitcom ‘In The Dog House’. The filmmaker’s directorial work continued with his short film drama titled ‘Neutral’  as well as further development on feature films ‘UFHoax’ and ‘Arcade’

Lee Dilley is a comedy writer, sitcom consulatant and mentor. Being one of 10 siblings Lee is also an expert at hide and seek and musical chairs.

With co-writer Paul J Farrell, thier debut sitcom 'Jobseekers (2015) after screening at BAFTA was signed to a UK top 100 production company.

His writing draws upon his early experience of poverty, absent parents and the class system. Often writing on the subjects of dark humour,  immortality and a love of childlike-wonderment.

Currently pitching children's comedy The Marmalade Nebula.




The Marmalade Nebula

Audio podcast

During a school three legged race, arch enemies Poppy and Kevin are teleported aboard a pirate spaceship. Mistaken for one of the rarest creatures in the Universe. To avoid being thrown overboard they're going to have to try and work together... whilst tied together.


Short film

A three year separated couple are reunite after a mutual friend’s passing. On the long car journey together to bury their friend, emotions rise as they dig up their past.

Hannah Lederer and Adam Horvath star in 'Neutral'

In The Dog House

Comedy TV pilot

After the manager of SAD (save all dog kennels) has his inflated ego is badly brushed by the local police, to win back his reputation he recruits an upper-class crook to help solve the cases before the police do.



The bubble has burst, the recession has taken its toll and big city dwelling ‘middle manager’ Ben is forced back into his old way of life in a socially dwindling Derby.



Feature film

To immortalise her dying Father, SHERRY battles with the school bully in the ultimate arcade competition.

Seven Legged Spider


Moving house is one of life's most stressful events, especially when you're a spider.

UF Hoax

Comedy TV series

When the local children's UFO hoax hits the headlines, fellow townspeople attempt to cash in.


Comic book

Tweleve-year-old orphaned Lizzy is on the run. While taking refuge in an abandoned hospital she discovers a substance that causes invisiblity.

Marmalade Nebula comic

During a school three legged race, arch enemies Poppy and Kevin are teleported aboard a pirate spaceship.

Blondi's War

Short film

London, 1939, more than 400,000 cats and dogs died at their owner’s behest in just four days.



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